About Alexis



I have always been interested in things of the ‘spirit’ but coming from a harsh background of ‘need’ had to take my place in the commercial world to earn money. When life became financially easier for me I began my studies…studies that have never ceased. Life is exciting there is always so much more to see and learn.


Animals have always had a vital role to play in my life. Working with dogs in my teens I sensed their calmness and absolute trust in my presence. I studied Canine Behaviourism and opened a weekend training club at the school where I worked as a teacher. I believe that my knowledge of canine and feline behaviour has proved to be invaluable when giving Reiki to animals.


The deprivation and experience of social problems that I experienced in early life led me into social work, teaching and later to become a professional counsellor. I began my private counselling practice in 2000 specialising in relationship issues, divorce, separation, loss, bereavement, addiction, depression, anger management and domestic violence.


A friend introduced me to complementary therapies, while I helped out at her Homeopathic Clinic for animals and humans. This experience gave me a taste for natural therapies and I went on to study aromatherapy, reflexology, massage techniques and several other therapies that bring healing and ‘inner piece’ to those in need.



In retrospect there have been many spiritual experiences in my life that I dismissed as coincidence. I now believe that ‘my natural spirituality’ was always trying to guide me but I turned away, until I was drawn to Reiki. It is sometimes said that Reiki finds you and in my case I believe it to be true.


I am not a sceptic but prefer to think of myself as an “intelligent thinking person” who does not accept ‘blindly’, without thoughtful research and experience.


"Well, my first Reiki experience ‘blew my mind’ and there was no way that I could dismiss

it or believe that it was coincidence.Reiki has definitely changed my life, so much so that

I want to share the ‘Joy of Reiki’ with you."