Choosing A Reiki Teacher.


There are Reiki teachers everywhere and many different styles of Reiki.  “Which one should you choose?”


You need to look around. Notice if you seem to warm to one persons approach, or way of describing things, whereas you might feel ‘put off’ by another’s.

Price is not a guide to quality so don’t choose the cheapest also be prepared to travel for the best. Avoid the people who shout the loudest about how wonderful they are; you can do without big egos. If a teacher has really embraced Reiki, you should detect a little humility.

  •       What materials are you going to be provided with for your on-going support?

  •       Will you be provided with materials to look at before the live course?

  •       What is actually going to be covered on the day of the course?

  •       How many people are going to be on the course (maximum)?

  •       Does the Reiki Teacher provide on-going support?

  •       What level of course will you take?

It is not good to take two levels together because you will have had no time to develop your sensitivity to the energy or your ability as a channel.


Exactly what sort of Reiki are you going to be taught?


Not many people are passing on the original Japanese techniques.

Perhaps you would prefer to learn the original teachings of the Reiki founder Mikao Usui. Passed on through his surviving students (Usui Teate) or are you happy to learn a less authentic version with Western added accoutrements! Be careful of those purporting to teach multiple therapies.

You need to speak to your prospective teacher and ask yourself…”What vibes do they give off”?

“Are you comfortable with their demeanour or do they seem dogmatic and give the impression that they know it all?”

If a teacher has truly embraced Reiki they will be warm, open and friendly with a good sense of humour. A serious Reiki teacher will be well grounded, possessed of sound common sense and sensitive life experiences. Finally, make your own choice do not be influenced by idle gossip or what others have done. Make up your own mind!


Let your ‘gut’ feelings guide you, go with who feels right for you and I wish you luck with

your Reiki Adventure!