Equine Reiki.


Horses are magnificent spirited creatures possessed of great intelligence, and true loyalty. “To understand the soul of a horse is to know perfection.”


I have given Reiki to several horses with problem issues related to being mistreated or having had bad experiences. Reiki is good for horses in many ways; aiding physical or emotional recovery, calming them before competition or moving yards. Horses respond to Reiki exceptionally well and hopefully one day Reiki will be a regular therapy for all Equestrians.


Giving your first Equine Reiki treatment is a wonderful experience; it can also be quite daunting; depending on what expectations you have; of yourself and the horse. Are you ‘reading’ the horse 'correctly', is the horse going to relax? How do I know if the horse will accept Reiki or not? Am I doing this right? And so on! Connection to the energy won't be as strong, as it could be, if your head is filled with ‘questioning voices’.  I send Reiki out to the horse before making any physical contact, keep a clear mind, keep calm and don't expect anything. Speaking slowly, softly, in gentle tones we make the most wonderful connection.


I have been practising Reiki with humans and animals for several years but my first experience of giving Reiki to a horse was the most wonderful and profound that I have ever known. You see, I am not a horsewoman and therefore have always had a very healthy respect for the size and power of horses – combined with a little fear.


I have done some trekking in Wales with my late husband, who was a very competent rider and handler. On one of these occasions I was paired with a fine ‘Dapple Grey’ named Dandy he was new to the stables and trekking. Dandy was easy to handle, kind, gentle, just a little spirited and the perfect ride for me. Very soon I became fond of Dandy, on our sixth visit I was concerned when I noticed that Dandy had changed. He appeared dispirited, sad and downcast. Why? The owner explained that this often happened. After a while a horse would become bored covering the same route, carrying inexperienced riders, like myself. He agreed that I could give Dandy some Reiki and this was my first experience with horses.


I was surprised at the speed in which Dandy seemed to link to the energy and accept it. He displayed complete trust in me nuzzling into my jacket. He then appeared to fall asleep with his head slumped forward on one side completely relaxed. There was a wonderful aura of calmness and inner peace around him. Sadly, when we went back the next weekend Dandy was not there, he had been sold and I never saw him again!


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