Love your body…… Reiki Self Healing


Your health beliefs and attitude of mind have a vital impact on your body.

Some people believe that the body is fragile, and illness is waiting to attack it just around the corner. Others punish their bodies with work, responsibilities, an intensive lifestyle, and over indulgence. The truth is your body is miraculous. In good health, every cell is perfection with a wonderful communication system. The body has its own self-regeneration system that heals, often without a thought or action on your part. Your immune system is your security system, if working well it protects from bacterial and viral terrorists. Many processes are going on in your body, every moment.


The body also reacts to life-impressions, thoughts, emotions and your spirit. All of these things support the health of your body, or take away vital energy from it. Our Universe is made of energy (vibrations), everything in it is made of energy; including our very thoughts and emotions. Reiki is part of this universal energy enabling us to replace the energy lost in everyday life and to achieve inner-peace.


If you learn about the human body you will respect it and discover that thousands of miracles are happening every second within you. Compare your physical health with the state of your emotions, mind and spirit, they are closely linked and all in need of care. Wellness is maintained when you recognize the signals that suggest you are out of balance and you respond in a positive manner.


If you abuse your body and deprive your mind of spiritual stimuli then sooner or later the result will be illness. The truth is your body is intelligent you cannot fool any part of it with excuses. We can fool ourselves and maybe convince others that our lifestyle is okay but the body will not be fooled.


Every human being is unique and each person has different requirements that may change during a lifetime.  In order to adjust to these changes the body requires a tender approach. Like everything else in life, health is often the result of effort. After we have spent our resources of vital energy, we need to recharge them. We live in a world that is not as close to nature as it once was, as a product of that, humanity has developed many illnesses that teach us to ...slow down and look into this wonderful spiritual world for support and guidance.


As a Reiki Teacher I am privileged to see the wonderful changes that occur when a person takes Reiki into their life. Reiki is a natural process that enables the recipient to draw in the universal energy that surrounds us and permeates our world. The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, created powerful Self-Healing Techniques, simple and easy to learn. These techniques are unique, requiring no added accoutrements from other therapies.

Reiki is pure, beautiful, powerful and all enveloping.


Learn to have love, a sense of pride, and respect for your body; be tender to it;

and remember to nourish your mind and spirit.