The line “Just for today” at the beginning of the Reiki precepts exhorts us to be fully engaged in the moment, to be mindful. The past is gone and the future is not here yet the gift of life we have is now. Meditation helps us to become fully aware of  ‘now’.


What is meditation really about?


Meditation is a process, not a result; it is about training your mind, so you control it, rather than the other way around. Is your mind in the present or somewhere else?

Do you have so many thoughts fluttering around that you cannot hear yourself think?

If you create a space within your mind, you will notice what is important and get your priorities right.

When you meditate your mind will naturally want to wander, this is human nature.

We do not need to feel stressed about this or beat ourselves up over it. We simply need to be aware of it…this is the first step.

When we want to achieve physical fitness we train our bodies, to maintain that level of fitness we continue a regular training routine. The same applies when we train our minds through meditation. With practice you will gradually become more focused and more in the present.


There are several forms of meditation to choose from:

  • Internal… such as your breathing or a visualisation.
  • External… a candle, flower, shell or the point where two fingers touch.
  • A journey meditation … taking a journey in your minds eye.


Meditation relieves stress and anxiety, increases awareness, aids concentration and learning. People who meditate on a regular basis are calmer and better able to cope with life.

We use meditation in Reiki; it teaches us how to be focused on the present moment, instead of being stuck in the past or dwelling on the future.


Your life is now ; make sure you do not miss it!