Reiki in Everyday Life…


In our everyday life we all have those days, weeks, months maybe, when nothing seems to go right. Gradually feelings increase within us until we begin to experience waves of pressure and disturbing emotions. Frustration and stress can create a pressure that persists to an unbearable level and becomes difficult to deal with causing ill-health and unhappiness. In such instances just a few moments using the gentle techniques of Reiki will instantly relieve these restless emotions, creating calmness and stillness within. It always works for me!


If you experience panic attacks in various situations; having to leave shops, restaurants, social gatherings etc. then Reiki will help you! Some of us are a little shy in company or just lack confidence when confronted by strong minded, forceful people. Are you living with a fear of leaving the house (agoraphobia), poor appetite or excessive weight gain, insomnia, chronic fatigue? Reiki will build your confidence to help you deal in a relaxed way with difficult people and situations.

Reiki is now valued and used regularly in many Hospitals and Hospices throughout the World.


The beauty of ‘authentic’ Reiki for self- healing and self- development is that you may use it at any time; in a crowd, while travelling, in a waiting room or at a social gathering.

With Reiki you do not need a large space, equipment or any added accoutrements.

“Genuine Reiki is the most transportable easy to use therapy”. 

Reiki is a gift you invest in for yourself and it will support you for the whole of your life.

Once you take Reiki into your life it is yours forever. No-one can take it away from you.


Pay no heed to the sceptics who may dismiss it. Such people generally have no knowledge of the subject, others may have dabbled unsuccessfully but not given sufficient time to feel and truly embrace Reiki so have no depth of understanding. Yes! You will read that anyone can practice Reiki and this is true! Some people just need a little more time to feel the energy. Reiki works in mysterious ways but it will always go to where it is most needed. The pure, simple, gentle energy ‘will’ work for you!

But as with anything worthwhile in this ‘life’ you get out what you are prepared to put in!

Given a little time, a little patience, perseverance and a little love Reiki will be yours… and you will never regret it!