What Sort of People Learn Reiki.

Ambience Natural Therapies … Alexis



I am not sure if there is a caricature or stereotype for a Reiki person.

Perhaps an image of an ageing Hippie with long hair comes to your mind!

Maybe you imagine someone chanting, with incense and crystals, following an alternative lifestyle.

While there are indeed Reiki people who would fall into that stereotype, you would be surprised at the number of ‘ordinary practically minded people’ who learn Reiki and use it regularly for their own benefit. People just like you and me learn Reiki! Reiki attracts people from an endless range of backgrounds and professions; I have met members of the Military serving in Afghanistan, Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians Teachers, Sales and Clerical Workers so you cannot say that Reiki is for people from a particular socio-economic group or occupation.

You may wonder how I became interested in Reiki.

It began one weekend when having lunch with my son he just happened to mention that his friend had had a Reiki treatment after a Rugby injury and suggested that I might use Reiki in my Counselling and Natural Therapy Practice. Since the age of ten my son had been interested in Martial Arts, an interest that I discouraged, fearing that the hobby would interfere with his studies. I hasten to say, I was mistaken he has become very successful in his professional life and still practices martial arts for relaxation. At that time I was a ‘suspicious sceptic’; only aware of the physical activity in Martial Arts but with no knowledge of the ‘Art’.

The conversation we shared that day aroused my interest so I began to research Reiki. After reading a few books I turned to the Internet and to my surprise there were hundreds of Reiki sites to choose from. After checking out several, I eventually found one that I instinctively knew was right for me.  It was offering tuition in Traditional Usui Reiki as developed by the founder Mikao Usui in the 1900’s in Japan. The site was plain, factual, and professional; you knew exactly what you would get. I was impressed with the accurate information, sincerity and depth of genuine knowledge that the teacher possessed.

Since beginning my journey into Reiki I have learned that taking Reiki into your life can produce quite startling changes for the better, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having taught Traditional Usui Reiki, ‘so pure and so simple’, for many years now, I know that there is the potential for Reiki to make a real difference in your life as it has in mine and the lives of my clients...

Sometimes I am asked, “How can you be a Counsellor, dealing with the realities of life and teach Reiki?” Simple! With “Reiki” you are better able to stand firm and face “Reality”.