The service I offer is straightforward enough; genuine ‘real life’ sensitive professional counselling at a realistic price and with good results. Read my testimonials.


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I have an independent private ‘Personal Counselling Practice’ here in Spain completely confidential. I am experienced and qualified to counsel in: relationship issues, divorce, separation, loss, bereavement, addiction, depression, anger management and domestic violence.


What is counselling?

A counsellor provides a safe, secure place for the client to talk about anything that may be a burden to them or a cause of distress.  


The client is free to discuss anything they wish without fear, knowing that what is said is in complete confidence and that the counsellor is non-judgemental. Just to talk is often the first step to their journey of well-being.

Together, counsellor and client seek to find a solution any decision reached is that of the client not the counsellor


Why do I need a counsellor?

Life is difficult. Whatever path we choose to take there will inevitably be problems. We all experience ‘ups and downs’ during our lifetime. There are moments of happiness and joy, maybe times of great sadness, loss and despair. In order to survive we often find ourselves having to adapt to a complete change in circumstances and lifestyle.


Our thoughts are a magic part of us, and they carry us to places that have no boundaries and no limitations. Sometimes our thoughts are destructive and we need to talk to someone whom we can trust implicitly in order to get a true perspective.


What you can expect from your experience with me?

I have had my professional counselling practice for over 10 years.

The service I offer is one to one in a peaceful, secluded, private environment with easy parking. If you prefer, a home visit may be arranged.

Initially we have to decide if we can work together.......What does this mean?

Do you feel relaxed and at ease in my company?

Do I believe that I can help you?

If that decision is in the affirmative, I will not only bring to our relationship my professional knowledge but also a life of sensitive personal experience.

Perhaps you feel the need to talk to someone, in complete confidence, a professional qualified person outside of your family or circle of friends?


If so, I am here for you


Some lives follow a perfect circle. Others take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand. Loss has been part of my journey but it has also shown me what is precious.


The first of the Four Noble Truths that

Buddha taught was ‘Life is Suffering’





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