Reiki First Degree (Shoden)
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August, September 2016

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Reiki Second Degree (Okuden)
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August, September 2016

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Mastership Course (Shinpiden)


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Reiki Courses Residential

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If you are unable to attend any of the dates above, we may be able to arrange an alternative, for example on a weekday.


Coming to spain for a holiday we may well be able to arrange a date just for you.


A deposit is payable to book your course. The balance to be paid on the day of your course. You will receive a pre-course study pack 3/4 weeks before the live course.


Reiki is a wonderful gift but not everyone wants to study or to take a Reiki Course.  Many people just want to enjoy the experience of regular treatments with a Reiki Master.

Reiki Courses
Ambience Reiki Training: we aim to teach the original Japanese system as taught by Mikau Usui with a few Western elements as we live in a Western World. The original Usui Reiki was simple and intuitive, free from complicated rituals. This method allows the teacher to concentrate more on the energy and the power of intent.
There are three levels for Reiki Training. Each level is passed on to the student through a trained Reiki Master Teacher.
We encourage students to take time, to practice and develop their relationship with this incredible energy before moving on to the next level.
Common sense tells us … there are no lasting quick ‘fixes’ in this life.  You will get out of Reiki what you put in!
Course Materials.
I teach using the professional manuals and CD’s of Taggart King the founder of Reiki Evolution. These courses are based on Mikao Usui’s original teaching methods using Empowerments as well as the traditional Western Attunements.
Why do I use these materials?
Taggart King has a gift for concise, explanatory text, credible information that has been accurately researched and is professionally presented for easy learning. The student will receive the Course Materials approximately 3-4 weeks before the day of the ‘live course’. This allows the student to read and be familiar with the syllabus to be followed.
I offer on-going tutorials and support to all of my students.

Reiki ‘First Degree’ Shoden

For Level 1 you will be required to attend for one full day or two half days. There will be about 9 hours of home study in preparation making  16 hours in total. You will be expected to carry out some simple energy exercises and self- healing during this time and your certificate will be issued following completion of the course.
Shoden…connects you to the source of healing energy and is about learning to develop your sensitivity. The focus of Reiki Level 1 is your own development and healing. You receive the Western Attunements and also the Reiju Empowerments that reflect the original Usui method of Reiki teaching.
After the course with ‘genuine intent’ you can channel energy to yourself, others, animals and plants.
Reiki ‘Second Degree’ Okuden
One full day or two half days, plus approximately 10 hours home study and practice in preparation for the live course.
Level 2 establishes a more intense connection with the energies and the student will develop a stronger sensitivity to Reiki. Their ability to feel the energy, to achieve deeper meditation and truly come to know Reiki will increase significantly.
At this level you will be introduced to the first three Reiki symbols that enhance and increase your understanding.

Reiki ‘Mastership’ Shinpiden
Two full days followed by optional tutorials during the course work period. You will be expected to submit 3 Case Studies at this level. And your certificate will be issued on completion of the course work.
The final level will add to your personal development, provide additional skills when treating others and enable the student to teach.
Working professionally does not come over night it requires genuine dedication, practice and experience.
Comprehensive manuals, CD’s and DVD’s relevant to each level are included in the course fee.
Each course comes with a professionally printed Reiki Certificate awarded on satisfactory completion of the course.
Personal Note from Alexis.
A very important aspect of my Reiki training is that it be held in relaxed surroundings, in an open-minded atmosphere of friendship, acceptance, tolerance and love, amongst the students, while still having fun.
It is my aim to answer every question, without judgement no matter how silly or strange a question might seem.
Whether a person chooses Reiki for professional or
personal reasons the benefits are endless.
Reiki is often referred to as being a life changing experience,
a journey of self-discovery.
Reiki Level 1 - Shoden
Reiki Level 2 - Okuden