Reiki Healing for Animals



Reiki is extremely beneficial to animals; to aid recovery in ill health, to relieve stress and to calm in cases of extreme behaviour problems.


Since childhood animals have always had an important role in my life; their very presence brings immense joy every day. Living on a farm in childhood I gained considerable experience with wild life, working and domestic animals.


Working with dogs in my teenage years I have never forgotten the words of ‘one old sage’ when he said, ‘you must learn to think like a dog’. Those words stayed with me and so began a long journey into the study of canine and feline behaviourism.


I believe that this knowledge and considerable experience, although not a necessity, does help when giving Reiki to animals.


  • Reiki is extremely beneficial to animals to aid recovery in ill health, to relieve stress, to calm and comfort when the animal is confused or in pain.
  • Reiki is a complementary therapy and does not replace veterinary treatment but the energy transmitted through Reiki does aid recovery, if the animal is receptive.
  • In terminal cases Reiki nurtures a calm stillness, a total relaxation within the patient, bestowing great comfort.
  • For animals with fear aggression Reiki will help nurture a sense of security.
  • Reiki will help when trying to establish a relationship with a new animal friend.



Animals with extreme behaviour problems may also benefit from Reiki.

Such problems exist for many reasons, too numerous to mention here but often receptive to Reiki treatment.

The gentleness of Reiki energy calms and restores their natural balance.


We are unable to say precisely what the animal feels or sees. We may not know why they are sick or confused but from personal observation animals respond well to Reiki appearing to benefit and to enjoy the experience.


I have a special "Reiki for Animals" certificated course.


Why not learn Reiki for the benefit of your Animals?

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