Reiki History...


Where does Reiki come from?

Mikao Usui was born in Japan on August 15th, 1865 in the village of ‘Taniaimura’ now known as Myamachi in Kyoto he died on March 9, 1926 in Fukuyama.


  • Brought up in a Tendai Buddhist family and from an early age was highly respected as a Samurai swordsman.

  • Usui was known to be a large, warm, quiet man, respected for his many talents but he did not suffer fools gladly.

  • His studies led him to research various subjects and disciplines.

  • An avid reader with considerable knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine, psychology and the martial arts.

  • His knowledge of world religions was extensive.


Why did Usui pursue all of these studies?
It is said that he was looking for the ‘ultimate purpose of life’. His system did not come in a flash but was rooted in many ancient traditions. Mikao Usui founded Reiki in the early part of the last century. At first he treated only family and friends but as knowledge of his healings spread he was asked to treat and teach others.


At this time Usui referred to his teachings as a ‘Method to Achieve Personal Perfection’. The name Reiki came later.
Students were taught to develop self- healing and spirituality.
The Reiki Precepts were the centre of Usui’s teachings:


  • Just For Today…Mindfulness

  • Do not anger.

  • Do not worry. 

  • Be Humble.

  • Be honest in your dealings with other people.

  • Be compassionate towards yourself and others.


These precepts are central to Mikao Usui’s Reiki teaching.


We are unable to say with any certainty that Usui found the

'ultimate purpose of life’ but we do know that he gave to the

world the wonderful‘Gift of Reiki’