Reiki Treatments…with Alexis.


Reiki Healing …The ancient art of energy transference.


Reiki gentle healing energy works on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The energy is transferred through the hands of the Therapist and each client receives as much energy as they need at that time.

Reiki treatments bring the body’s energy system into balance and work to clear any energy blockages that may be affecting health or general well being. A Reiki treatment gives your body a boost of energy that activates your innate healing ability…it helps you to heal yourself.


If you have emotional issues that you are working through Reiki may be the answer. The gentle Reiki energy is invaluable during emotional turmoil, stress or change; helping you let go of the past as you move forward. Reiki may also assist with pain management in chronic or post-operative conditions and is especially good for wound healing.


There are now several forms of Reiki.  I have been trained in Western techniques and traditional Japanese Reiki. Traditional Reiki as developed by the founder Mikao Usui allows me to use my intuition when treating my clients. The intuitive method means that each treatment is as unique as each of my client’s! It does not rely on a standard format but will respond to the needs of the client.


Reiki treatments are carried out fully clothed, usually on a treatment couch or in a chair depending on the client’s health. During a treatment session I may work hands on or off your body but my hands will only make gentle contact.

During the treatment you may experience warmth, cold, pulsing or a slight tingling sensation. Each person’s experience is different. Some see colours, others see light, while some experience only a deep sense of relaxation…or just fall asleep.

The energy will go to where it is most needed making the Reiki experience different for everyone.


I do not claim that any of the therapies I offer will provide an instant  'cure'.

Neither do I claim that they should be used instead of conventional medicine.




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