Why Reiki?


What will Reiki do for me?


The beneficial effects of Reiki energy occur on many levels.

Reiki is all about energy.....your energy system is your foundation.

In Eastern cultures these ideas and healing techniques have been around for thousands of years. More recently in the West many people are turning to Reiki and Natural Healing Therapies in an attempt to improve their physical health and achieve ‘inner peace’.

You may wish to free yourself from unpleasant thoughts and emotions or perhaps yearn to get in touch with your spirituality.

Reiki may well be the answer


  • Reiki can help you to minimise the anxiety and stress of modern life.

  • Reiki will not interfere with your current medical treatment and will enhance any spiritual or religious practices.

  • Reiki can accelerate healing of physical problems, balance the emotions freeing you from restrictive mental attitudes.

  • Reiki encourages relaxation, soothing the mind, calming the emotions and energising the immune system.

  • Making Reiki part of your life will help you to smile more.

  • Reiki will gently lead you to ‘Joy and Inner peace’.

  • Reiki is not an alternative for conventional medicine


Reiki is also helpful in aiding the recovery of sick animals. In illness, separation or loss animals often become confused and as a consequence develop extreme behaviour problems; the gentleness of Reiki energy calms and restores their natural balance.

Reiki has the power to change your life. It has awakened

me to this wonderful spiritual world that surrounds us.


The added joy was when I realised that Reiki

will never leave me, it is mine forever.

The best way to understand Reiki is to try it,

have a treatment and enjoy the experience.